With economies reeling due to the global pandemic, we’re especially pleased to announce that A&A Lingua and two partners have been awarded a TRAD19 international translation contract from the European Commission.

Because of the volumes of work involved, we joined two other companies specializing in translations of European Union documents to bid on this contract. The consortium is made up of Discripta OÜ (leader), A&A Lingua OÜ and Tõlkebüroo Pangloss OÜ.

The contract start date is 1 July 2020.

A&A Lingua has been a translation partner of the European Commission since 2004

Letting experts proofread ad copy: a smart choice


Many companies are reluctant to hire an outside editor take a look at their ad copy, believing that they know best, but is this always wise?

The answer is no. Typos and awkward phrasing in key ad content could directly mean money lost for a company. Compared to the harm to reputation caused by a gaffe in a website or brochure, the cost of reprinting or rewriting is much lower, and prevention is best of all.

If you’ve spent years building your company’s trustworthiness and public image, you don’t want sloppiness to cause doubt to creep into the minds of your customers.

To make sure your essential content is grammatically correct, easy to read and free of errors, it’s best to let experts proofread or copy edit your company’s messaging.

A&A Lingua offers proofreading for ad copy in Estonian, Finnish, English, German and many other languages. Our editors are all native speakers of their respective languages.

To learn more or ask for an estimate, visit A&A Lingua’s website: https://www.lingua.ee/teenused/toimetamine-ja-korrektuur/

Exciting new developments in the field of language technology


We recently visited the European Language Resources Coordination (ELRC) to learn about exciting advances in language technology research, solutions and applications.

if you’re interested in languages and technology, the following links are worth a read.

https://keeleressursid.ee/et/eesti-keeleressursside-keskus The Centre of Estonian Language Resources makes digital Estonian language resources and technologies (software, dictionaries, text and speech databases, language databases) available for researchers as well as for anyone else with an interest in the field.

https://keeleressursid.ee/et/keeleressursid/konetootlusvahendid https://keeleressursid.ee/et/keeleressursid/tekstitootlusvahendid

Major strides are finally being made in the field of speech-to-text and text-to-speech in Estonian. Visit http://bark.phon.ioc.ee/ and https://www.eki.ee/heli/

Both speech-to-text and text-to-speech are a great help for the visually and hearing impaired. An example of Estonian-language subtitles converted to speech: https://www.eki.ee/heli/images/koduleht/isa_brown.mp4

A website called the Voice Recording Browser has a selection of transcriptions, such as Vikerraadio’s news program from the day before or Kuku Raadio’s midday talk show http://bark.phon.ioc.ee/tsab/p/index

As translators, we find the Institute of the Estonian Language’s databases of terminology for professional use https://term.eki.ee/termbases/index/ to be a useful resource and it is also fascinating to try out the latest neural net translation capabilities at http://neurotolge.ee/ , https://live.xn--neurotlge-v7a.ee/ and https://www.translate2018.eu/#/text

A few more sophisticated solutions:

https://metashare.ut.ee/ META-SHARE is an open, integrated, secure and interoperable sharing and exchange facility for LRs (datasets and tools) for the Human Language Technologies domain and other applicative domains where language plays a critical role;
https://www.texta.ee/ TEXTA makes your company’s document archive searchable and the information easy to manage.

And just for fun, here are a couple computer-based language games: https://keeleressursid.ee/et/keelemangud

Sources: The respective websites and A&A Lingua participants’ notes from the ELRC seminar, 3 October 2018

A&A Lingua presents at international translation conference

On 27 October 2015, the Association of Estonian Translation Companies held its third annual conference, Translation Industry: From the Inside Out and from the Outside In. This year’s conference focused on new trends in the translation industry and how to adapt to them and on creating and maintaining teams and communication. It also weighed questions of giving people responsibility and managing people skilfully. Among speakers from a number of countries was A&A Lingua’s Merit Altrov, who delivered a presentation entitled “The project manager as manager and managing managers”. Merit talked about how important leadership skills and the associated decision-making powers are for project managers, illustrating her ideas with examples from A&A Lingua’s experiences. She also discussed ways to increase the impact of project managers’ work, motivate them and thus achieve better results. For more information about the conference and speakers, go to http://www.interlexmedia.ee/konverents/lang/en/

Lingua becomes first in Estonia to meet new EN ISO 17100:2015 standard


A&A Lingua has successfully passed a certification audit conducted by Metrosert AS to become the first Estonian translation company to meet the requirements of the new European translation service standard EN ISO 17100:2015. Certification of the written translation service attests to the professionalism of our staff, transparent project management and high-quality translation output. The certificate was issued on 23 November 2015.

A&A Lingua written translation service has also been certified under the previous European translation service quality standard, EN 15038:2006, since 23 November 2009.