Letting experts proofread ad copy: a smart choice


Many companies are reluctant to hire an outside editor take a look at their ad copy, believing that they know best, but is this always wise?

The answer is no. Typos and awkward phrasing in key ad content could directly mean money lost for a company. Compared to the harm to reputation caused by a gaffe in a website or brochure, the cost of reprinting or rewriting is much lower, and prevention is best of all.

If you’ve spent years building your company’s trustworthiness and public image, you don’t want sloppiness to cause doubt to creep into the minds of your customers.

To make sure your essential content is grammatically correct, easy to read and free of errors, it’s best to let experts proofread or copy edit your company’s messaging.

A&A Lingua offers proofreading for ad copy in Estonian, Finnish, English, German and many other languages. Our editors are all native speakers of their respective languages.

To learn more or ask for an estimate, visit A&A Lingua’s website: https://www.lingua.ee/teenused/toimetamine-ja-korrektuur/