Translation services

A&A Lingua offers high-quality translation services in over 30 language pairs.

Written translation means expressing the idea in source language text in the target language. A minimum of three specialists are always involved: the translator, an editor and the project manager. If necessary, a specialist and technical editor are also called in. In all cases, translator and/or editor is a philologist who is native in the target language, ensuring an accurate, readable use of language.

If a text contains specialised terminology that must be used in the translation, we ask the client to provide a link to a corresponding terminology database or other resource. To ensure quality, we also ask clients to specify the function and audience of the translated text, as this will determine the style and choice of vocabulary.

The price of a translation is calculated on the basis of the industry standard of 1 page = 1800 characters including spaces. Please take into consideration that the length of a text will usually change and we calculate the volume according to the final text.

In the interests of style and terminological consistency, translation is usually performed by a single translator, who is assigned five standard pages per day. If the project is urgent and high-volume, we can distribute the work between several translators.

To facilitate the technical aspects of translation, ensure terminological consistency and otherwise shorten deadlines, we use computer assisted translation programs. This can also save significantly on costs for clients. We have successfully completed Trados Studio project management training.

The price of written translation includes editing or proofreading as well as a final-pass verification.

A&A Lingua’s written translation service is certified under European Quality Standard for Translation Services.

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The most common language combinations are:


Translation of specialized texts

The quality of our services is founded on the principle that specialized texts are handled by translators who are specialized in a given field (economics, law, technology, medicine, environmental protection, music, education etc). In addition, A&A Lingua offers terminological editing of specialized texts.

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