European Union and law

Since 2004, A&A Lingua has handled translation projects for the European Commission and the Translation centre for the Bodies of the European Union. In the preceding years, 2003-2004, we translated approximately 5,000 pages of the European Union acquis communautaire, the community’s legal framework. We have translated regulations, draft laws and information materials for the public. The topics have ranged from economics and legal affairs to medicine and technology.

Translating for the European Union requires translators to have diverse skills and knowledge: a knowledge of terminology, skill at using databases, and razor-sharp use of language. Thanks to our stringent quality procedures and good performance, the translation of over 25,000 pages of European Union legal acts and other materials has been entrusted to us.

In the field of translating legal documents, A&A Lingua works with several lawyer-linguists and translators with a law school background. We consider it essential for our translators to have competence in specific subject areas: they must be up-to-date with legal acts and professional terminology in their field. We have a long experience in translating legal texts – legislation, regulations and contracts, among others.

A&A Lingua’s clients in the field of law:

  • European Commission
  • European Ombudsman
  • Eesti Energia
  • Estonian Government Office
  • Estonian Ministry of the Interior
  • Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Law firm Glimstedt