A&A Lingua aims to offer high-quality translation service in wide range of fields, including but not limited to economics, law, medicine and advertising. The team of translators and editors we have selected reflects this orientation by specializing in groups of fields.

Certification under the European translation services quality standard attests to well-planned services, transparent project management and high-quality translation.

Naturally, the work in our portfolio is the clearest indication.


European Union and law

Since 2004, A&A Lingua has handled translation projects for the European Commission and the Translation centre for the Bodies of the European Union. In the preceding years, 2003-2004, we translated approximately 5,000 pages of the European Union acquis communautaire, the community’s legal framework. We have translated regulations, draft laws and information materials for the public. The topics have ranged from economics and legal affairs to medicine and technology.

Translating for the European Union requires translators to have diverse skills and knowledge: a knowledge of terminology, skill at using databases, and razor-sharp use of language. Thanks to our stringent quality procedures and good performance, the translation of over 25,000 pages of European Union legal acts and other materials has been entrusted to us.

In the field of translating legal documents, A&A Lingua works with several lawyer-linguists and translators with a law school background. We consider it essential for our translators to have competence in specific subject areas: they must be up-to-date with legal acts and professional terminology in their field. We have a long experience in translating legal texts – legislation, regulations and contracts, among others.

A&A Lingua’s clients in the field of law:

  • European Commission
  • European Ombudsman
  • Eesti Energia
  • Estonian Government Office
  • Estonian Ministry of the Interior
  • Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Law firm Glimstedt


A&A Lingua has over ten years of experience in translating economics and finance texts for many large public accountants. In cooperation with international public accountants PwC, our translators have translated audit standards (ISA) and accounting standards (IAS). Thanks to longstanding relationship with Ernst & Young, we are conversant in financial reporting standards (IFRS) terminology. A&A Lingua’s translators are all well abreast of terminology as used at the European Central Bank and Eesti Pank (the Bank of Estonia).

We translate financial statements and annual accounts, audit reports, evaluation reports, fund prospectuses and other financial texts. A good translation of an economics document requires translators to be particularly up-to-date with the field. In the interests of precise use of terminology, we consult the client – or specialists among our partners – when necessary.

A&A Lingua’s clients in the field of banking and finance:

  • Estonian Banking Association
  • Financial Supervision Authority
  • Nordea Bank
  • Krediidipank
  • Ernst & Young
  • Grant Thornton Rimess Baltic
  • Eventus
  • Eesti Energia
  • Merko
  • European Commission – contracts for translation of economics and finance texts from English and French into Estonian, awarded 2010
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers – from 1999-2007
  • SEB Eesti – contract for rendering translation services 2001-2008
  • Eesti Pank

We offer especially low prices on translation of annual reports into English.

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Translation of medical texts is handled by experienced translators with specialized training. A&A Lingua’s portfolio in this field includes medicinal product information, informed consent forms, research papers, manuals for medical equipment, etc.

A&A Lingua’s clients in the field of medicine:

  • European Medicines Agency EMA
  • ICON Clinical Research
  • B. Braun Medical OÜ
  • Merck
  • Baltrade Oy
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Gedeon Richter
  • RevalMed
  • UAB Ilsanta
  • Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.


A&A Lingua‘s translators and editors in the field of technology have engineering degrees or specialize in tech-related areas. Through cooperation with its editors, A&A Lingua has attained a happy mix of terminological precision and readability in its science and technology texts.

A&A Lingua’s clients in the field of technology:

  • Volvo
  • Eesti Energia Tehnoloogiatööstus AS
  • Inseneeria magazine
  • Teboil AB OY
  • LLK Finland OY
  • UAB Ilsanta
  • G4S
  • Ehituskonstrueerimise ja Katsetuste OÜ
  • HN Steel OÜ

Industry and commerce

Translation of texts for various industries and retailers similarly requires good knowledge of the area. Through longstanding cooperation with the clients, our translators have become experts in these fields. Our translators and editors also include engineers, chemists and economists by training.

A&A Lingua’s clients in the field of industry and commerce:

  • Eesti Energia
  • Volvo
  • Teboil AB OY
  • LLK Finland OY
  • Rimi
  • ETK
  • Biolan
  • AS Merko Ehitus

Advertising and marketing

The twin fields of advertising and marketing texts require translators and editors to have a deep familiarity with a culture and love of wordsmithing. Over the years, A&A Lingua has successfully parlayed slogans, symbols and emotions into target languages with a native’s touch.

A&A Lingua’s clients in the field of advertising and marketing:

  • Kontuur LB
  • Newton Marketing
  • Identity
  • Velvet Creative Alliance
  • Turundusproff
  • Director ja Partnerid
  • SAN-Korpus
  • Transmanual
  • BTL Media

International corporations

Companies and bodies represented in different countries require an efficient, reliable partner both in the interests of organizational communication and to allow information to be sent out in the target languages. Thanks to good partners, we have gained the trust of the following clients:

  • B. Braun Medical
  • Biolan
  • Ernst & Young Baltic
  • G4S Grupp
  • ICON Clinical Research
  • Nordea Bank Finland Plc Estonia branch
  • Teboil
  • Rimi Eesti Food
  • SEB
  • Volvo
  • Lionbridge


Culture is a broad descriptor covering architecture, music, art and language, among other disciplines. In collaboration with experts, A&A Lingua has translated texts on Estonian cultural heritage, contemporary art, architecture and music into the world’s languages.

A&A Lingua’s clients in the field of culture:

  • Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
  • Estonian National Museum
  • History Museum
  • Art Museum of Estonia
  • Solnessi Arhitektuurikirjastuse OÜ
  • KoKo Arhitektid
  • Kirjastus Maja OÜ

Public sector

A&A Lingua is a trusted and valued translation partner for many of the bodies that provide public services in Estonia. For our over 10 years as a company, we have translated into and from many different languages. Our clients have strict requirements as to quality, accuracy, expertise and confidentiality.

A&A Lingua’s public sector clients:

  • Governemtn Office
  • State Informatics Centre (RIA)
  • Enterprise Estonia
  • Canadian Embassy in Tallinn
  • Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Estonian Ministry of Defence
  • Estonian Ministry of the Interior
  • Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
  • Estonian National Museum
  • National Library of Estonia