Localization is the term for adapting translated text for use in your audience’s native language and cultural environment. With globalization sweeping the world, it is increasingly important to consider the particularities of people’s local cultures in order to make maximum use of the potential of goods and services destined for a wide audience. Among other types of content, websites, advertisements, user manuals, computer software and contracts undergo localization.

Translation company A&A Lingua has long experience in offering localization service. Important contracts in this field have included translating and adapting for Estonian readers websites of EU institutions and Volvo Trucks online magazine. We have also worked with many ad agencies, translating client websites and advertisements into foreign languages.

At A&A Lingua, translators translate into their native language. If you order a translation of a website, advertisement or other text into a foreign language, you can be sure that the job will be placed with a translator or reviewer who is a native speaker of the target language in question. This ensures that the texts are fluently written and appropriate for the end user’s cultural environment.


Translation and localization of websites

Send us the text of your website and we will translate it into the desired languages, making the necessary adaptations to the idiom based on the cultural standards. You can send the content as a text file, but it is preferable to export the text in a format such as xml or xliff to make it as easy as possible to enter the finished translation in your Web environment.


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