A&A Lingua presents at international translation conference


On 27 October 2015, the Association of Estonian Translation Companies held its third annual conference, Translation Industry: From the Inside Out and from the Outside In.
This year’s conference focused on new trends in the translation industry and how to adapt to them and on creating and maintaining teams and communication. It also weighed questions of giving people responsibility and managing people skilfully.

Among speakers from a number of countries was A&A Lingua’s Merit Altrov, who delivered a presentation entitled “The project manager as manager and managing managers”. Merit talked about how important leadership skills and the associated decision-making powers are for project managers, illustrating her ideas with examples from A&A Lingua’s experiences. She also discussed ways to increase the impact of project managers’ work, motivate them and thus achieve better results.

For more information about the conference and speakers, go to http://www.interlexmedia.ee/konverents/lang/en/