A&A Lingua proud to support FUFF


Estonia’s first Finno-Ugric Film Festival took place at Tsiistre Flax Museum from 4-8 June 2014 and A&A Lingua was one of the contributing sponsors.

FUFF is a short film festival aimed at sparking interest in Finno-Ugric features and experimental films. At FUFF, the film-makers are Finno-Ugric in origin and/or the films explore Finno-Ugric themes. The village cinema at Tsiistre in south-eastern Estonia brought close to 50 films directed by film-makers from various small nations such as the Khanty, Vepsians, Ingrian Finns, Udmurts, Setos, Mari and Livs. The festival also brought short features from Estonia, Finland and Hungary and experimental films from all over – from Korea to Germany. The competition programme is open to films from smaller Finno-Ugric nations.

A screenwriting workshop for directors and writers of short films also took place. The workshop was led by writer Mart Kivastik from Estonia and director Daniel Erdelyi from Hungary.
The two festival days included also folk music concerts.

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